Publications available from the Claude Garton Herbarium:

The Enthusiasts Guide to the Liverworts and Hornworts of Ontario
by Linda M. Ley and Joan M. Crowe.
Lakehead University Thunder Bay, Ontario 1999.
ISBN No. 0-88663-027-4
Price within Canada : $ 15.00 (shipping included
Price for U.S.A. : $ 10.00 (U.S. funds, shipping included)
Payment by cheque preferred, made out to “Lakehead University”

Checklist of Vascular Plants of Thunder Bay District
Thunder Bay Field Naturalists; revised 1998.
Copies available for $ 5.00 (with shipping).

Publications co-authored by Claude Garton, but no longer in print:

Flora of the North Shore of Lake Superior (Vascular Plants of the Ontario Portion of the Lake Superior Drainage Basin)
by James H. Soper, Claude E. Garton and David R. Given Syllogeus
No. 63, National Museum of Canada, Ottawa 1989